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Bulk latex bands
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Bulk rubber allows you to customize the amount of power you get from each band, and the amount of exertion that is required to load your gun.
Most rubber powered spear guns can be converted to using bulk rubber quite easily even for spearguns having European type muzzels.
All our bulk bands are sold by metres (approx 39")
Ø 13 mm blond
Ø 14 mm black and blond
Ø 16 mm black, blond and red
Ø 18 mm black BOOSTER
Ø 18 mm blond SLINGER
Ø 20 mm black and blond MEGABOOSTER

Ref: 99009
Ø 13 mm blond rubber band per metre

Ref: 99003
Ø 16 mm black latex band per metre

Ref: 99004
Ø 16 mm blond latex band per metre

Ref: 999006
Ø 16 mm red latex band per metre

Ref: 99008
Ø 18 mm booster black latex band per metre

Ref: 99011
Ø 18 mm slinger blond latex band per metre

Ref: 9033
Ø 20 mm blond latex band per metre

Ref: 9034
Ø 20 mm black latex band per metre



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