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Eskwad Woman
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Flex Slide Prene

The comfort of the Eskwad lady suit is based on the use of highly stretchable material and advanced ergonomic design. The suppleness of the Eskwad suits is not only due to the neoprene base but also to the protective nylon material on the outside of the suit. This new material with a four way stretch ability is very soft and has such very good hand feel that it makes it close to smooth skin.
The base of the material is laminated 100% CR: Chloroprene Rubber, which is foamed rubber sponge with close cell structure. The elongation rate is over 450% with a tearing strength (without the nylon cover) is over 2 kg/cm².
Woman design: preformed arms, legs and hood made with minimum of seams for a better comfort.
Farmer John pants
Reinforced kneepads and crotch attachments
Thickness 5 mm and 7 mm
FSP Neoprene: open cell/nylon
Size 0 to size 4



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Freediving Spirit

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