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Concept Triaxx Carbon
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Available in three sizes 75 cm / 90 cm / 100 cm
Very light speargun easy to manoeuvre in heavy swell or current the Triaxx with it's unique open carbon barrel structure will satisfy the most demanding divers.
Swivel stantoprene grip
*from 90° angle to 170° with easy adjustment even during dives for better comfort and accurate precision.
*reinforced nylon housing
*interchangeable heavy duty shaft plate
*automatic line release
*adjustable two position trigger sensitivity
*safety button
Coralign Stainless Steel 6mm Shaft 200kg
Articulated wishbones
16mm black band
Reel bracket
Can be equipped with Booster 18 mm and Megabooster 20 mm bands.

Designed and developed by Imersion, the concept will match the needs of freedivers for all types of hunting styles, underwater terrain and conditions. The grip has been anatomically designed and offers variable positions from 90 to 170 degrees. This patented system offers easy adjustments that can be performed while in water. The Concept speargun has a new improved trigger mechanism that incorporates a high quality stainless steel rear-release mechanism which provides an easy release of the shaft. The Concept is also rigged with a full barrel lenght modular shaft guiding rail. All Concepts spearguns are quipped with a quick-release reel bracket.

Ref: ACTX758
75 cm barrel - 30"

Ref: ACTX908
90 cm barrel - 35"

Ref: ACTX1008
100 cm barrel - 39"



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