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Bruno Desiage CEO

With years of experience dedicated to underwater sports, Imersion and Coralign always created innovation. Attentive to the evolution of the market, both Imersion and Coralign develop each day their professional savoir faire.
From initiation to competition our equipment will join with your performance.
Once more we have brought to our products innovative concepts issued from various technologies to match your demanding needs.
Imersion and Coralign is also the response adapted to a diversity of needs with a large variety of equipment, with the best selected materials, and a fast and reliable logistic.
For many years our company has been promoting ethical spearfishing practices and we recommend everyone to follow strictly the regulations of your area.
A special thanks to our US Imersion team that has followed us during all these years.

Good and safe dive to everyone.



Imersion SARL was founded in 1989 by Mr. Pierre Buffa with the help of a French freediving spearfishing world champion. The place was Marseille, in the South of France, Europe's capital of diving equipment manufacturing.
In 1995, the French main manufacturer of shafts, diving knives and spearfishing accessories, Ets.Desiage joined forces with Imersion to reinforce its potential on the freediving spearfishing market. With the Coralign brand, Ets.Desiage was the sole supplier of Imersion for speargun accessories.
The headquarters and the main plant are in Thiers, a city located in the centre part of France. The city is famous for it s manufacturing of knives, and also for other industries such as high-tech plastic moulding.
For many decades, in fact since 1974, Ets.Desiage has been manufacturing equipment for the spearfishing industry, including major diving companies.
Imersion/Desiage has several manufacturing units in France. The spearguns, shafts, bands and spearfishing accessories are manufactured in Thiers where the fins, the plastic and nylon products are also moulded.
The commercial department is located in Vitrolles a city close to Marseille by the Mediterranean sea where all our products are tested.
Our large range of products has interest for several markets from the beach bazaar to high-tech equipment designed for competition, also our high quality products are distributed world wide. The group can also manufacture specific products under other brand names at client s request.

Mike McGuire

Imersion was introduced to the USA almost 20 years ago and found an untouched market for top European spearfishing products. Through DEMA trade shows, dive stores, and top competitors Imersion set the standard for top quality fins, suits, guns and accessories. Imersion has sponsored more top athletes in the USA and most of the world then any other company out there. Names like Mike and Glen McGuire, Dennis Haussler, John Plikus, Dave Douma, Dave Sipperly, Allen Speaher, Terry Mass, and John Ernst have all used Imersion.Imersion Teams have won the last 10 of 16 Nationals in both fresh water and salt water and Dennis Haussler has won 2 World Blue Water Meets using Imersion equipment. For the old and new Imersion is the product of choice. Kelston McGuire started shooting at 5 and now at 8 he is the youngest sponsored athlete, setting a new state fish record in Utah and starting to place well against much more experienced divers.

Imersion has time proven products, and is always on the cutting edge with the latest materials. They were amongst the first to use carbon fiber in guns, they have the most comfortable fin foot pockets, durable well fitting suits, and Fins that have always been top performers. I have personally used there product for the last 18 years and it has been the key to 9 national wins in salt and fresh water and 6 world competitions. My personal favorites are: the tri-ax gun for it quick turning speed, 7mm camo suits for the fit and warmth, the 3 finger mittens for their warmth, the new Carbon fins I can kick all day long. I look forward to diving this year in the NEW 10mm Ice Breaker suit which should be perfect for these cold rocky mountain lakes where the temperature can be just above freezing. Dive with the best forget the rest.

Mike Mc Guire Diving Resume

• 2007 World Blue Water Meet 2nd place
• 2007 Noyo California 1st place
• 2007 Lake Mc Conaughy Nebraska 2nd place Fresh water Nationals
• 2006 Deer Creek Utah Fresh water Nationals 1st place
• 2005 Table Rock Lake Missouri 4th place
• 2004 World meet in Chile 7th place
• 2004 Haleiwa Hawaii 1st place
• 2003 Lake Oahe South Dakota fresh Water Nationals 1st place
• 2002 Carmel California 2nd place
• 1999-2000 Nationals
• 1998 New Port Rhode Island 5th place
• 1997 Malibu California 1st place
• 1996 World meet Spain 9th place
• 1996 Mokuleia Hawaii 1st place
• 1995 James Town Rhode Island 1st place
• 1994 Malibu California 3rd place
• 1993 New Port Rhode Island 6th place
• 1992 Carmel Nationals 1st place
• 1990 IUSA Athlete of the year
• 1986-1989-1990 Participated in Nationals
• 1985 I had worked my way up through the C-B-and A division, won a Pacific Coast Championship and took a 4th in my first Nationals
• 1975 Started diving in Salt Water meets in northern Ca
• 1973 Started competing in Cen Cal Spearfishing meets in fresh water rivers In Ca
• 1965 Started diving with brother Glen for Abalone with full wet suits for Abalone in northern Ca
• 1958 Born into a California diving family

I have owned 2 dive stores for 10 years.
3 charter boats in Monterey and the VI for 13 years.
Taught for NAUI, PADI, YMCA, and the Red Cross for 20 years.
I have attended 25 DEMAs and represented 4 different companies for mid west sales. Over the last 10 years I have helped established a series of spearfishing meets throughout the mid west states and a fresh water National event, now 5 years in the running. Diving is my life and I love getting people involved.


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